The file archive organizes the media you want to make available on your site. This includes images, documents and multimedia such as movies and flash-files.

For a file to be made available on your site, you must first upload the file to lemoon. This is done by clicking on the "Upload files" link. You can upload multiple files at once (lemoon also supports uploading compressed zip-files that will be extracted on the server).


There are two tabs where you can choose different views of the file archive. These are described below.

Tree view

This tab displays the files in a directory structure. If a directory contains many files, you can navigate between pages by clicking the numbers in the lower right corner.

List view

Displays all files in a list where you can filter on filetype and/or keywords.


You switch views by clicking the Thumbnail icon or Details icon in the right corner of your file listing.

Details View

Lists the files in a table with name, description, dimensions and and size. You can click the action links to edit a file, modify permissions, view, download and delete the file.

You can select multiple files if you want to move, or delete many files at once. Check the files you want to move, or delete and click the bulk actions links "Trash selected" or "Move Selected" link.

Thumbnail view

The thumbnail view displays thumbnails of the files. A small toolbox with functions for editing, viewing or trashing the file is displayed when you hover your mouse over the thumbnail.